Top 5 Captain Beefheart Songs

Captain Beefheart “possibly Rock’s only real genius” – John Peel.

If you don’t know much about Don Van Vliet AKA Captain Beefheart I suggest you watch this BBC documentary.


Grow Fins

Harry Irene

Orange Claw Hammer – Captain Beefheart & Frank Zappa

Trust Us

Browlin’s Top 5 Instrumental Songs

Ah the instrumental song. At best a sonic novel telling a beautiful story with twists and turns. At worst Muzak. I’ve excluded orchestral and electronic club music from this list. They both deserve a list of there own.

5. Rumble – Link Wray

Iggy Pop once said it sounded like”the soundtrack to a knife fight.”


4. Albatross – Fleetwood Mac                                                                                                    

If you can erase the “food porn” M&S advert out of your head it’s a beautiful piece of music.

3. The Liquidator – Harry J All Stars 

Again if you can ignore the fact it has become a Chelsea F.C. anthem then you may be able to still enjoy this classic.


2. Summer Madness – Kool & The Gang 

The fact that is was sampled for DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s Summertime has not ruined it for me.  So many good elements to it, gets me every time.

1. Green Onions – Booker T. & The M.G.s

Such a tight groove and sound that still sounds fresh today.



Ennio Morricone’s Top 3 Most Powerful Compositions

Here is my pick of Ennio “The Maestro” Morricone’s 3 most powerful compositions:

3. Final Duel – A Fist Full Of Dollars

2. Man With Harmonica – Once Upon A Time In The West

1. The Ecstasy Of Gold – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Browlin’s Epic Boxing Mix

A few months ago I joined a boxing club in North London. Always one to have the right soundtrack for an activity I made a Boxing themed DJ mix for them to play in the gym.  It’s gone down well so I thought I would share. It’s got all the boxing classics in there plus a few Muhammed Ali and Rocky samples over the top.  Works well with other exercise too. Suggestions for volume 2 welcome. Enjoy!